Iowa Rock & Roll Music Association Hall of Fame Inductee ENDLESS SUMMER is an established nostalgia band that has entertained Northeast Iowa and Southern Minnesota for 30 years. Their music will make you feel like you're in your convertible, with the top down, radio cranked-up , and cruising Main Street.
The bands’ musical drive is provided by the solid back beat of Gordy Stull on the drums, and is moved along by Med Lewis’ infectious bass lines. John Simon provides rock steady rhythm guitar, and Bill Wolfe fills out the sound with keyboard, guitar, and blues harp. Bruce Carr brings his wailing tenor sax and hot keyboard. The whole mix is topped off by the sweet lead guitar of Gene Parson. Add the impeccable four part vocal harmonies, and Endless Summer becomes a crowd pleaser.

Members of Endless Summer have opened for national acts, including Tommy Roe,Tom Jones, The Association, Roy Clark, Earl Thomas Conley, and The Oak Ridge Boys. They have performed continuously for the past 30 years, and they strive to bring you the best show possible.

Endless Summer is available for weddings, anniversaries, car shows, corporate events, etc.

CD’s, T-shirts, hats, posters, stickers, free schedules, and a good time are available at their shows. Come and Catch the Wave!